Month: November 2011

First Sunday Of Advent: Offer Your Isaac

In the 22nd chapter of Genesis, we find the most extreme show of loyalty to God.  Abraham is called to take his son, Isaac, and offer him as a sacrifice.  Incredibly, he quietly obeys this command.  The one time he speaks is to offer an answer of faith as his son questions the lack of a lamb for a sacrifice. Because of his faith and quiet obedience, God stopped Abraham from killing Isaac and provided a ram for him to offer instead.

Is there an Isaac in your life?  A person or possession you have longed for and has great promise that you love?  There is a strong possibility that the Lord may call you to offer it as a sacrifice.  This a is harsh test of faith.  But, our loyalty to God must mean that we are willing to give up even what is most precious to us for his glory.  When we have and practice the faith and quiet obedience to offer our Isaacs, the Heavenly Father will supply something else.  A lamb of his own making whose sacrifice is far greater than any of us can give.  To experience the fullness and joy of the lamb God provides for himself, offer him the Isaac he provided you with.  Thank you Pastor Terry K. Anderson for preaching this incredible word of truth

Your Brother In Christ

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene

Direction, Diligence, and Salvation

Day of Lessons

Gospel of St. Matthew 7:13,14

A pilgrim was on a journey from Rome to Jerusalem.  He was imprisoned in Athens, suffered a brutal attack in Macedonia, and wasted time in Constantinople.  But, he gathered himself on these occasions and arrived in the Holy City.

We all seek salvation.  If we are to achieve it, we must go in the right direction.  Too often people either stay put in their walk of faith after baptism or confirmation, or they walk in a way contrary to holiness as if that moment of belief is enough to get them to the place God has for them.  No, there is a way that leads to eternal life.

Jesus Christ taught us that the way is narrow and hard.  Needless to say, we all suffer persecution from those outside of ourselves who misunderstand and dismiss us.  We also suffer in our struggle against the sins that plague our flesh.  It is easy to give into these forces.  No, we must repent and press on to receive the prize he has for us.

Salvation is not a moment of eternal bliss.  It is a direction of how we live on earth fortified with the diligence to stay on the right path.  May you journey well.


Greet The Day

Brother Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint Simon of Cyrene