Third Sunday Of Advent: Patience Toward Destiny

“…Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.  After two whole years, Pharaoh dreamed …”  (Genesis 40:23, 41:1)

Few things hurt worse than waiting for better days to come around.  This is especially true when the suffering you go through has been brought on by the conspiracies, lies, and forgetfulness of others.  This is where we find Joseph.  Indeed, he opened his mouth one too many times about his dreams.  But his jealous brothers took matters way to far to sell him into slavery.  His master had him thrown in prison based on a lying wife.  And the Pharaoh’s butler, whom he revealed a word of hopeful revelation to, did not pass on a word that would save him from the dungeon for another two years.  From the time of his initial bondage until his release and rise to power, Joseph had gone through, at least, three or four years of struggle and waiting.

Beyond Fog

Too often, we expect fulfillment and success to arrive quickly and painlessly in our lives.  Indeed, some ministers of the Gospel will market such promises to gain members and money.  The text teaches the real probability of something different.  Only God can reveal your destiny to you.  Only God can make that dream come true on his time.  And in that meantime, you may suffer for years.

But, be patient.  The Lord was with Joseph giving him authority even in his misery as a prisoner and slave.  The Lord gave him wisdom to interpret the deepest thoughts of others while dwelling in places of deep despair.  The gifts of authority and wisdom were being hardened and sharpened in bondage just as a sword is under fire, hammer, and stone.  He gave a wise interpretation of the Pharoah’s dream, administrated the surplus harvest and distribution of the grain in famine.  He even reunited with the family who wronged him.

Whatever you suffer, for how long you suffer, be patient to your destiny.  Fully practice the gifts of authority and wisdom the Lord has granted you during your time of sorrow.  In his time, he will bring you out of your dungeon and on to your throne.

Your Brother In Christ,

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint Simon of Cyrene

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