A Lenten Journal: A Pursuit of the Doctrine of Christ (Third Wednesday)

… and he gave them strict orders not to let anyone know about it, …   Mark 5:43

So many had an opportunity to be healed.  Others had the chance to witness a miracle.  Only those who were bold and faithful were blessed.  For the president of the synagogue to humble himself and believe a Nazareth street preacher had the power and compassion to heal his daughter was no small feat.  Nor was it insignificant that a woman who was unclean for much of her life to think she could be healed by touching his clothes.  How many in the crowd had some illness among their kin but didn’t hold the office that Jarius did?  How many others touched Jesus with far less lengthy of illnesses?  All of the others in these stories were in the crowd, made incidental touches, had lost hope, and finally ridiculed the one who was able to bring redemption.  Only a few of his disciples and the true believers could bear to witness his resurrecting power.  The crowds and mourners didn’t have faith and courage.  So, why should they be blessed to know what their weak spirits would not allow them to see and experience?

Growth on the Summit (© John Gresham)

Faith and courage are what separates those who walk in spirit from those who walk in flesh.  Those who walk in flesh only follow the crowd and think according to the hopelessness around them.  The spiritual know there is something beyond their limitations and the doomsayers around them.  It takes spirit to be humble, ever seeking, and believing beyond the odds.  May we develop these two qualities so that we may be blessed with what the crowds are denied.

Yours in Christ,

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene

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