A Lenten Journal: A Pursuit of the Doctrine of Christ (Fourth Tuesday)

“Anyone who wants to save his life will lose it; but anyone who loses his life for my sake, and the sake of the gospel, will save it.”    Mark 8:35

Self preservation is something that every human is embedded with.  It is a natural instinct.  We all seek the basics for our survival even when we don’t chase luxuries.

Instinct does not make us any more than animals.  A bear or fox caught in a leg trap will chew off a portion of the limb to escape.  So it is with us.  We are too willing to do or say anything to save our own skin.  Politicians rely on instinct to get funding to win and stay in office.  Elites create barriers to maintain their status quo.  We will tell any little or big lie to get what we want in this world.  As creatures formed in the likeness of God, this is perhaps the worst insult to the one who created us.  That we would seek to live below our potential.

Awash (© John Gresham)

The ultimate potential and destiny for mankind is to become children of God.  To reach this goal, our instinct must be rendered unimportant if not despised.  If all we want is material gain, social acceptability, and fulfilled desires; if we are willing to say and do whatever it takes to have these things, we don’t deserve them.  More over, we don’t deserve the greater prize of eternal joy.  Only if we value love for God and mankind above our comforts and very existence, our lives will truly be fulfilled and everlasting life is granted to us.

Shall we be as dogs and rats living on instinct?  Or shall we men and women created in the image of God living in the spirit of goodness he has given us?

 Yours in Christ

Brother Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene

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