Ego is the Enemy of the Soul


I think we have seen too much fear and hatred recently.  In Afghanistan, Florida, and Kansas City people have died because of these things.  The disciples were no different.  Jesus shows us a better way.

Douthat Reflection (© John Gresham/Virginia DCR)



Mark 9:30-37

1.  introduction

  •  Twelve grown men gave up their livelihoods and lifestyles to follow Jesus.  This was noble and honorable
  • Their egos won’t let them be satisfied with being a part of the inner circle.  They discuss who is the inner of the inner circle

2.  Propositional Statement

  • We must adopt the characteristics of small children to truly serve Jesus and one another.

3.  Relevent Question

  • Why is the character of a small child superior to that of an adult in being a disciple?

4.  Points:

A).  Inquisitive

– grown-ups are often too fearful to ask God about the things they don’t understand (v.32)

– little kids are full of and never stop asking questions

B).  Trusting

– grown-ups resist the will of God when we find it upsetting (8:32)

– little kids trust those who love them

C).  Hopeful

– grown-ups can be timid about the will of God (10:32)

– little kids follow those who love them expecting something good at the end

5.  Conclusion

There can be no love and service as long as we are ignorant and  fearful.   Therefore, let us not stop being curious and joyful.



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