A Lenten Journal: A Pursuit of the Doctrine of Christ (Fifth Monday)

“But, from the beginning of creation ‘he made male and female.'”    Mark 10:6

We have drifted from the original purpose.  Relationships between male and female have become a disturbed pursuit of pleasure rather than a loving expression of commitment.  In the time of Moses, divorce was as simple as a written piece of paper ending the marriage.  Today, we have a culture that doesn’t bother with the institution.  We just agree to “hook up” for a night or two for mutual enjoyment.

The source for this malady is a hardness of heart.  It is the spiritual heart that only beats for its self and seeks its own pleasure.  This heart readily rejects what no longer pleases it.  Such a heart cannot fully commit to the God-given relationship where intimacy is to be freely expressed.  If it cannot be faithful to this tangible gift, it cannot be faithful to the God that gave it.

Celebrate Love (© John Gresham)

Let us pray for tender hearts that allow us to be intimate with our spouses.  Not simply sexual.  Who has not seen dogs having intercourse?  Intimacy is where the two bodies and souls yield completely to one another so that they become one.  One who can yield to a spouse can yield to the will of God.

Your Brother in Christ

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene


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