Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

And John tried to prevent Him saying, “I need to be baptized by You, and You are comming to me?”

Matthew 3:14

In both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we find the story of our Lord’s baptism between the Nativity and stories of his youth and his fasting in the wilderness and temptation from Satan. It is no accident that the Gospels are written like this. Certainly we all enjoy celebrations of birth. We enjoy the good and some of the challenging times of growing up. And we know that hard times and troubles are bound to arise in our adult lives. This is the pattern of the Gospel. That there were holy angels, joyful shepherds, and great wise men at the birth of Jesus. For a time, He and His family hid in exile. As a pre-teen, He dared to be about His Father’s business in Jerusalem in…

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