Month: February 2013

Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

Today is the last Sunday of Black History Month.  What better time is there for we traditional African-American Christians to start the conversations about our similarities to and differences from the ancient faith that is still being practiced in Africa and other parts of the world?  I pray that between today and this time next year that more black ministers will take up the challenge to, at least, take a serious look at Orthodoxy even if we choose not to convert.  There is no good reason to ignore our history as a part of the oldest expression of the Christian faith. 


Acts 11:19-26, 13:1-3 

No one can doubt or ignore the role Protestant Christianity played in African-American History.  On one of our bulletin boards, there are various images of the Baptist minister and Civil Rights leader we are very familiar with, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. …

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