Today’s Sermon: A Response to an Earthly Verdict

Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

But I say to you, love your enemies …


Matthew 5:42-48

Jesus lived in a society where the lives of non-Romans didn’t account for much. The Jews were forced to live under the puppet administration of Herod who had to answer to Roman imperial officials. Roman soldiers had the power to use and abuse the local population, almost, at will. Jews considered all Gentiles and Samaritans as less than human. In their piety, they refused to greet them, much less eat with them. This attitude only made the atmosphere in Judea even worse. A Roman who sought only to do his job and go back home was met with indifference and unkindness. Why should he make any effort to be fair and gentle when he is prejudged? At least he has imperial authority behind him. Why should a Samaritan show kindness to a people who were too high and…

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