Today’s Sermon: Antioch Still Matters

I declare my solidarity with the Patriarchate of Antioch.

Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

Acts 11:25-26 & 13:1-3

Two thousand years ago, there was a city and a region in eastern modern-day Syria called Antioch. The city, which no longer exist, was on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the land was between the coast and the city and region of Damascus, which is still the capital of Syria. After the stoning of the deacon Stephen in Jerusalem, the early Christians scattered to various parts of the world. Some like James the brother of our Lord remained in the city. But, some went to Rome, others to Alexandria, others to a tiny village called Byzantium which would later be called Constantinople. Still others went to nearby Antioch. These cities became the five major headquarters of the Christian Church each with its own bishop.
Since then, the church has had many divisions. The bishop of Rome felt himself more important than…

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