Today’s Sermon: From Snakes to Humans

Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

From Snakes To Humans
Luke 3:7

Along the Jordan River, John was baptizing a multitude of people who came to him for repentance and the remission of their sins. We would think that any minister with a multitude of people would be more than happy. “Look at all the souls being saved!” And with such crowds coming to him, that he would tailor his message to keep them coming. Perhaps give them comfort, encouragement, or even stroke some egos so that he could afford something more than camel skin clothes and a locust and wild honey diet.
Yet, John doesn’t give words of consolation, happiness, nor flattery. In fact, he immediately insults everyone; not just the Gentiles, Samaritans, or unclean sinners who may be in the crowd. The Baptizer insults everyone, even the most honestly kind-hearted seeker of truth and righteousness among them. And his words are quite harsh. “Brood…

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