From Martin to Macarius: A Weekend of Saintly Reflection

Desert Fathers Dispatch

Martin Luther King, Jr.  is the closest person that African-Americans (no, all Americans) have to a canonized saint.  Like the holy men and women of old, he had his failures in his struggles against sin.  But, whatever those failures may have been, they do not detract from his leadership in the struggle for human dignity, justice, and reconciliation.  Instead of hiding in comfort  from the challenges of his times, Dr. King faced them head on drawing criticism and hate from the active and passive supporters of division and repression (of both races).  Indeed, he died as a martyr of our Lord and Savior.  Because he was not baptized and chrismated into the Orthodox Church, we cannot canonize Dr. King as a saint.  But, because he was a Christian who believed in and taught the Trinitarian doctrine and the incarnation of God the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us, we…

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