Month: June 2016

My Wife Came Home

Desert Fathers Dispatch

When I decided to leave the Baptist church and convert to Orthodoxy, my wife was understandably concerned. First, there was the loss of income we would suffer as I would be leaving my pastoral salary.  I would have to be Orthodox for at least five years to be considered for ordination to the priesthood and even that isn’t guaranteed to anyone.  She was more concerned about me forcing her to join a church that we were not accustomed to.  We barely knew any white people who were Orthodox and there were none in our small southern town.  The worship was completely different.  To have to adjust to new styles of church decor (the Baptist are very iconoclastic), preaching, singing, status (we would no longer be pastor and first lady); Brenda found the change quite overwhelming.  I assured her that she could remain Baptist if she wished and could call anyone…

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