Month: October 2016

Reconciliation: Consistency over Complacency

Desert Fathers Dispatch

Recently, the VABSMB and St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church have started praying Compline and the Canon of Racial Reconciliation on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.  A half hour of prayer is not the same as getting out in the streets to protest, or lobbying a legislature.  While no town is perfect, Williamsburg’s racial climate is milder than many other places in the state and nation.


But, our town does have the oldest history of class and race divisions in the nation.  English colonist committed genocide against local native people about a decade before the first African indentured servants arrived in nearby Jamestown.  After two failed insurrections, the remaining Powhatan tribes were removed from the Virginia Peninsula in 1645.  Twenty to thirty years later, the colonial government made laws restricting the mobility of free blacks and establishing chattel slavery based on skin color.  Between the end of Reconstruction up until the…

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