Of Desert Fathers & Maroons

Desert Fathers Dispatch

“Let us imitate our Fathers: The lived in this place with much austerity and peace.” Abba John the Eunuch, from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers
“But some on’em would rather be shot than took, sir.” from A Desolate Place for a Defiant People

fugitive-maroon-300x413 osman

The runaway slave was among the bravest of our African ancestors. Some had no sooner arrived in America that they fled to the nearest swamp not having any familiarity with the landscape. Others used whatever skills they acquired to help them escape. Yes, many were recaptured. But, others were successful making their way up to northern states and Canada. Others remained in southern swamps and built solid communities for generations. These were the grand maroons. And there were petit maroons who fled and hid until their “masters” agreed to better terms for their return.
In these days of political and racial division, there are African-Americans that…

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