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Cyprian Bluemood.  My Seond Life avitar.

Cyprian Bluemood. My Seond Life avitar.

This blog started as the spiritual journey of the Second Life character, Cyprian Bluemood.  However, the character’s real life creator turned it into a journal of his religious perspectives, sermons, and a chronicle of his conversion from African-American Baptist to Eastern Orthodoxy (Antiochian).  The Order is not a true organization.  But, an expression of one man’s commitment to the relentless pursuit of ancient Christian spirituality in the modern world.

The Writer

In Thought

In Thought

John R. Gresham, Jr.  is a graduate of Virginia State University and the Evans-Smith Leadership Institute of the School of Theology, Virginia Union University.  John returned to his native King William County to serve as the President of the Pamunkey Baptist Association Sunday School Union, Moderator of the Association, and Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church where he served for almost 17 years.  After over a year of private practice and study of Orthodox Christianity, John converted to the One Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church.  He is a member of St. Basil the Great Antiochian Orthodox Church in Poquoson, St. Philip’s Prayer Discipline, and is the blog writer for the Virginia Chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black.  He resides with his college-sweetheart wife in West Point and works as the Education Support Specialist I at York River State Park.  He is also the creator of and the photographer and writer for Baystride Images.


  1. Found your site looking for an image of Archbishop Iakovos and Martin Luther King Jr. All I have to say is, welcome home.

  2. Great website. I hope many people of all backgrounds can also find this living treasure. Happy to find this blog. God bless-welcome home!

  3. May I use one of your articles to promote the St Moses the Black Ancient Christianity Conference in Lima, Ohio this year?
    Fr Mark Hodges
    St Stephen Orthodox Church
    Lima, OH

  4. Blessings and peace, Mr. Gresham. I was so pleased to find your blog during a search for the terms “monasticism” and “jazz”. I am a lay oblate monastic (so difficult to explain to so many), and I really felt right at home with your site from the moment I arrived. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. My prayers are with you.

    Kevin (Br. Bartholomew)

  5. I really enjoy your blog. We have so much in common. I’m also an African-American Orthodox Christian living in Houston, TX from Mathews, Va, very close to West Point! Would love to connect with you and share our journeys.

    May God continue to bless you.

    Reader Peter

    1. Brother, I have ancestry in Mathews County! My maternal grandmother was a Jones. Her grandfather was a slave on Battery Farm in North. After the war, he and another freedman owned 5 acres and shared farming and fishing responsibilities. The Jones’s were a founding family of a church in Cardinal. According to oral and some census records, they may have been native American (Chiskiak). Feel free to e-mail me at johnarejr@yahoo.com and let me know if you coming back to VA to visit. Houston, are you Antiochian? Is Joseph Huneycutt your priest?

      1. Hello John, I don’t know if you will get this but I am from and still live in North (Mathews County). I would love to speak with you

  6. Dear John,
    A faithful friend just sent me your article, “To Be Black And Orthodox: Part Of My Story” and I was fascinated by it. I too am black (half black/half Russian) and while I didn’t grow up in the traditional black church, I have visited many churches in my search for the truth. I grew up in a home with Orthodox traditions but never knew it was a religion until my son married a young lady from Greece. My first experience in the Orthodox church felt like home and I’ve been there ever since. If you are ever in the Princeton, NJ area, please visit us at the Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church. I would love to meet with you as I am sure Albert Raboteau (who also attends our church) would. I have invited you to contact me on LinkedIn as that was the only place I could find to contact you — until I found this site. Thank you for your faith, for your courage, and for your article.

    With Faith and Love,
    Nina Robinson

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