Michelle Singletary

Singletary’s 21 Day Financial Fast Day One: Yep, I need this

I have read her columns from time to time.  I have one of her books somewhere in the house.  And now that I am BROKE, this is a good time to take Michelle Singletary more seriously than I have in the past.  For her to suggest that people journal their 21 day financial fast is the easiest thing for me to do.  Actually, yesterday (the first day) wasn’t that hard to do.  I need gasoline.  I have plenty of food in the house.  So, why do I need to buy what I already have when it is not a regular grocery day for me?  Oh yeah,  those little knick-knack trips to the 7-11, my addiction to French’s French Fried Onions; all of that mess adds up.  Plus, I still need to find that second job to fill in for the income I’ve lost by leaving the Baptist pastorate to be an Orthodox Christian.  So, cutting expenses is crucial to me; even if it means cutting out my home internet service (I canceled DirecTV when I left Dominion in 2008  to become a substitute teacher.  Prosperity Gospel my foot!  Following Jesus for real may mean being deprived of this world’s goods).  Yeah, I have a couple of irons in the fire.  But, that is no reason for me to sit and wait, especially with my bills needing to be paid.

Rather than being inspired by future financial gain by saving and wise investing, I am looking towards the Desert Fathers and other monastic examples of my faith.  These men and women were not living in luxury.  I read somewhere that a monastic leader had company arriving and he asked one of the novices to put some lentils in the pot for a meal.  Seriously, they ate bread, lentils, and whatever herb they could find in the desert.  Mary of Egypt was in the desert for over 40 years and was naked by the time St. Zosimas discovered her because she started her life of solitude with only the clothing she had on at the time.  Of course,  I can’t take things to that extreme.  But, I know I can and must do better.  Even when I get out of this current pit I am in and if I start making Dominion money and benefits again, the example of the saints to live in frugality and modesty seems a more Christ-like way.

Kudos Mrs. Singletary.  I would buy your book as well.  But, money is a bit tight right now.


PS.  Anyone with a evening or night shift position available around the West Point and Williamsburg VA area, please let me know how and where to apply.