Pastor Terry K. Anderson

Invitation To Another Kingdom

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 5:3


There is no such thing as the perfect kingdom on earth.  There never was nor will there ever will be.  As in the days of our Lord on earth, they are all ruled by economic and military power.  Both forms are easily abusive and abused.  Empires and nations of all sizes rise, fall, and in time, all are relegated to the pages of history.  One who puts hope in such a kingdom hopes in something temporal that will be punished in the day of judgement.

Light Beyond The Clouds

In the beginning of his Sermon On the Mount, Jesus invites the multitude to the kingdom of heaven.  The sun, moon, clouds, and skies cannot be persuaded by wealth nor weapons.  The heavens are governed by the hand of God and God alone.  He gives us the option to come into this greater citizenship.

Citizenship in the kingdom of heaven requires one to accept unworthiness to become such a citizen.  A poor man cannot enter a rich man’s banquet hall unless the rich man accepts him.  The poor one knows that is only by the grace of his benefactor that he can dine on the finest things offered.  So it is with us.  Due to our sin, we have no place in heaven in the presence of the Father.  It is only by his grace and mercy given to us through his Son that we can be accepted into the kingdom not made by human hands.  We must be ever mindful of our spiritual poverty in order for us to enjoy the fullness of salvation.  Jesus paid the cost for us to come into a banquet hall that we humans can never earn a  place.  Those who are aware of such poverty are truly privileged.

Your Brother In Christ,

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint Simon

First Sunday Of Advent: Offer Your Isaac

In the 22nd chapter of Genesis, we find the most extreme show of loyalty to God.  Abraham is called to take his son, Isaac, and offer him as a sacrifice.  Incredibly, he quietly obeys this command.  The one time he speaks is to offer an answer of faith as his son questions the lack of a lamb for a sacrifice. Because of his faith and quiet obedience, God stopped Abraham from killing Isaac and provided a ram for him to offer instead.

Is there an Isaac in your life?  A person or possession you have longed for and has great promise that you love?  There is a strong possibility that the Lord may call you to offer it as a sacrifice.  This a is harsh test of faith.  But, our loyalty to God must mean that we are willing to give up even what is most precious to us for his glory.  When we have and practice the faith and quiet obedience to offer our Isaacs, the Heavenly Father will supply something else.  A lamb of his own making whose sacrifice is far greater than any of us can give.  To experience the fullness and joy of the lamb God provides for himself, offer him the Isaac he provided you with.  Thank you Pastor Terry K. Anderson for preaching this incredible word of truth

Your Brother In Christ

Cyprian Bluemood

Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene