Songs That Moved Me: Hangin’ On A String

Stepping away from my usual Black Protestant/Eastern Orthodox spirituality articles for a second (oh, but I will get back to it).  This classic jam invaded my ears back in my freshman year at Virginia State University.  How I remember it.  I fell in love for the first time and got kicked to the curb like a soccer ball at the feet of Luis Suarez.  I won’t go into details and all because what is past is past.  Besides, the second time I fell in love is still going strong.  Loose Ends was a part of a smooth wave of R&B that died a horrible death with “Gangsta Rap” became the standard for black radio and music video.

In dating relationships, it is good policy to be open and honest with the person you are with.  We get too many silly words of advice from TV sitcoms and “reality shows.”  We try to be “playas” and try not to “get played.”  But with all this dishonesty, the only thing we are doing is wounding one another to a point where we are too fearful to trust.  It is impossible to build true loving relationships without trust.  No wonder the divorce rate is what it is.  Let the person you are dating know how you feel about where the two of you are and where you want to go.  Be true to your words.  Even if the relationship ends, at least he (or she) can respect your honesty.

You never told me you were waiting, contemplating

“Hangin’ On A String” is an excellent chill-out and dance track from my college days.  But, a recipe for disaster for relationships.